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About Me

Cosmin Panait is actively involved in a variety of philanthropic endeavors. Along with his wife, Lilian Yang, he established the Cosmin Panait and Lilian Yang Foundation and the Cosmin Panait and Lilian Yang MMS Scholarship. Unsurprisingly, much of his charitable giving is focused on the institution that brought him so much personal and professional fulfillment. After giving to the Fuqua Annual Fund for several consecutive years, the pair gave $300,000 as a restricted endowed scholarship for international MMS students.

Both members of the graduating class of 2011 at Fuqua’s Master of Management Studies, the couple wanted to both support international students and attract some of the brightest minds both domestically and internationally to the academic table. This scholarship program also helps students from abroad breathe a little easier about how they’re going to stay afloat financially in the midst of all their academic responsibilities.

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